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3 Essential Tips to Avoid a Bad Haircut

3 Essential Tips to Avoid a Bad Haircut

Sep 25, 2013

We can safely assume that everybody here has had a bad hair cut or color. The questions is…how does it make you feel? For most of us, we are distraught about it for days (if not weeks!) and left waiting until it grows out or can be fixed. Who wants that? The answer is nobody. So let’s help correct this situation. Here is our solution to never having a bad haircut again.

1. Do your homework! Make sure you research online the styles and colors that you like (and don’t like!) so that you can properly convey what you want. Below are a few articles and graphics that will start to get you inspired to search for more.

18 Female Haircuts That Suit Certain Face Shapes

11 Best Men’s Hairstyles Right Now

2. Communicating is key. Are you speaking the right language with your hair stylist? Many of us don’t know that one word could mean something else to the stylist. So make sure your version of “edgy” means the same as theirs. Otherwise, we’ve got problems! Or for guys, whether you’re a #2 or a #3. What’s that even mean? Check out the articles below & remember to use visuals with your stylist whenever possible.

The Women’s Hairstylist Glossary

How to Talk to Your Barber

3. Get a recommendation. If you’re looking for a new stylist, don’t trust random reviews from strangers and most certainly do NOT simply walk in somewhere without first validating the quality of service. You trust your friends, right? Well most of them. So tap into their network and see what stylist and salon they would recommend.

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