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3 Easy Home Improvement Tips

3 Easy Home Improvement Tips

Oct 11, 2013

Whether you own a home or you’re simply renting, many of us experience the same sticky issues while trying to make improvements to our humble abode. Reference these everyday solutions to your everyday problems. If it’s more than you can handle on your own…never be afraid to call a professional. You know where to find them…

PAINT SPILLS: Shoot! While painting your living room (and jamming out to Huey Lewis, of course) your paint splattered everywhere. How the heck do you clean this up properly? Leave it to some cat nip or salt to help. Follow these instructions.

MOLD ISSUES: Always be keeping your eyes out for mold, especially after a wet season of weather. It can grow anywhere moisture has been and if you simply clean it up but not actually fix the water problem, you will see it come back. Learn whether you can correct the situation on your own or need the help of a professional here.

WATER MARKS: Who hasn’t experienced the thrill of finding a water ring on your nice wood furniture only to complain and cover it up. No sense in that stress…learn how to repair the stain so you can move forward whether coasters are around or not.

Looking for more visual tips and ideas to improve your home? We found it….


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