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4 Things Every Traveler Needs to Know

4 Things Every Traveler Needs to Know

Oct 2, 2013

Traveling almost always brings with it a little stress. Especially if you experience unplanned circumstances or ill-prepared itineraries. We’re solving some standard travel problems with the use of new tools and websites. OH plus we’ve got a bonus graphic showcasing the top tourist destinations to give you ideas for your next vacation. Go ahead and book that flight! You have our permission.

FLIGHT DELAYS: New tech solution, App in the Air, allow you to optimize your spare time in the airport by finding the best food and coffee shops in the terminal. You can also easily keep friends and family up-to-date by sharing your flight status.

AIRPORT SECURITY: Who doesn’t loathe the thought of security lines and procedures? Ease the pain with the My TSA mobile app, which provides security guidelines, wait-time estimates and weather at any airport.

LOST LUGGAGE: Missing baggage can create a lot of headache. Take charge of replacing specific items with the help of Goodzer. Supplying you with local stores that carry a particular product, use this app to comparison shop and purchase the basics. Just make sure to file a claim with the airline to get reimbursed for everything you lost.

UNPLANNED ITINERARY: Too busy before your trip to make any plans? Use your eMazeMe network to find ideas for places and providers to try out. View your Friends’ Providers page or search by location for businesses to visit and locations to experience while exploring your vacation destination.

50 Most Popular Tourist Destinations

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