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5 Ways to Energize Your Workweek

5 Ways to Energize Your Workweek

Jun 16, 2014

Do you ever come home on a Friday evening feeling like a zombie thanks to an exhausting workweek? Challenge yourself to do something each day to feel more energized and and actually enjoy your week!


Treat yourself to your favorite coffee! Let’s face it, we all need a little pick-me up on a Monday morning. Stop in at your favorite coffee shop and get yourself that cup of joe. You know it will help you start your week on a more positive note!


Pack a delicious AND nutritious lunch! It’s often too easy to get in the habit of eating an easy, unhealthy lunch everyday. This Tuesday, pack yourself something that will give you energy to be productive all day long! Try a spinach salad and some apples, bananas, or watermelon – all delicious, energy-boosting options.


Go for a mid-day (and mid-week) walk! After lunch, get moving. Whether you’re alone or with a buddy, breaking up the day with some exercise can help you clear your mind and relieve stress. Just getting away from your desk for a couple minutes can work wonders!


Rent your favorite movie! Go old school and stop by your favorite local movie store to peruse the aisles. Make some popcorn, put on some sweatpants, and celebrate the fact that tomorrow is Friday!


Treat yourself to a fun Friday night! Not only are exciting weekend plans something to look forward to the whole week, but they are a great way to blow off steam. Go to happy hour with some coworkers, or go out on the town with friends you haven’t seen in a while. No matter what you do, just T.G.I.F!


How do you energize YOUR workday? Is it something on this list, or do you have your own secret? COMMENT BELOW! 

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