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Throw a Great Party in 7 Steps

Throw a Great Party in 7 Steps

Jun 5, 2014

1. Decide the day. The first step in planning any party is deciding WHEN the party will be! For larger, more formal celebrations, like graduation parties or anniversary dinners, it is best to choose your date earlier to give yourself time to prepare.

2. Get the group. Your guests are arguably the most important part of the party. Without them, there wouldn’t be one! Make a list of people that would create a fun, diverse crowd and give them two weeks to a month’s notice.

Send them a formal invitation in the mail, or a more casual invite through email or Facebook. Make sure to include the time your party starts, the address and directions, suggested attire, and any other information they need to know in order to have a great time!

3. Make the menu. What’s for dinner (or breakfast, lunch or brunch)? This important question must cross the mind of any party planner. Things to consider include any dietary restrictions of your guests, as well as the presentation!

One hint? Plan the plate! Whether you decide to serve light appetizers or a five course meal, pick foods whose colors complement each other. Your guests will be sure to compliment YOU when they sit down to eat!

4. Tackle the tunes. What is a party without a playlist? Use your iTunes or download Spotify and make a playlist for your party. Pick songs that everyone (not just you…) will enjoy!

To guarantee your playlist will keep the party going, ask your guest for song requests before the party and be sure to include them.

5. Buy the basics. Now that you have your menu, music, and more all planned out, it’s time for the pre-party store run. Make your master list of all the food, drinks, and decorations you need. Go a couple of days before so you won’t stress (as much) on the big day!

6. Set the scene. Before the guests arrive, make sure your home or venue looks great! The night before, put up your decorations, and set the table or food area. Make sure your music works – that means testing your speakers, and making sure everything is charged!

Not sure how to set the scene for your party? For a sure-fire, simple solution, string some twinkle lights and put some fresh flowers in a few vases. These little touches can go a long way!

7. ENJOY YOURSELF! Finally! The day is here! Your guest have arrived, the music is playing. People are having a great time; and after all your hard work and planning, you better be one of them. Sure, you should be refiling ice buckets and doing other party-planner duties, but don’t run around all night like a big ball of stress! Guests like to see their host or hostess relax and enjoy themselves. So sit down, grab a drink, and enjoy your party!

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  1. Brian Pigott /

    We had a party a couple of years ago for a pretty big crowd. For about $150 we got a professional bartender that also handed out apps. Best investment I’ve ever made and was actually able to enjoy the party.

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