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Top 10 Ways to Refresh Your Home This Summer

Top 10 Ways to Refresh Your Home This Summer

Jun 24, 2014

1. Repaint your trim

If your rooms could use a pick-me-up, grab a paintbrush and some fresh paint and restore your trim! The room will feel renewed and clean.

2. Rearrange your furniture 

Tired of the same old furniture layout? Remember, variety is the spice of life! Refresh your home by rearranging your furniture to give new life to any room.

3. Buy fresh sheets 

One sure-fire way to recharge your bed (not to mention make it harder to leave in the morning) is to buy new sheets! Give your mattress an update and buy a funky pattern, your favorite color, or stick to classic, crisp white.

4. Clean your carpets

If your house has carpeting, giving it a deep clean is a must when the seasons change. Tackle the job yourself with the help of tools you can find at a hardware store, or call a professional! Either way, you’ll be able to feel the clean as soon as you walk in the room.

5. Paint your exterior

Curb appeal is important! Your home’s exterior most likely took a beating during the colder months. Hire a professional to give your shutters or siding a fresh coat of paint, or a thorough repair if need be. It’s one way to make your home look its best for the warm weather.

6. Buy fresh flowers

To beautify any room, garden, or patio, opt for fresh flowers! Plant some in the ground, in pots on your patio or porch, and put some stems in a vase for your kitchen.

7. Plant a tree

Give your yard an update with a new tree. You can purchase saplings at any local nursery or other store that sells plants. Research what kinds of trees would do well in your yard based on lighting and climate.

8. Rearrange your cupboards

Cupboards full of glasses, plates, and more can collect dust easily, especially if you don’t use all of them regularly. Empty your cupboards so you can dust them quickly, and wash your dishes. Come up with a new updated system for organizing your cupboards, or stick to one that works!

9. Replace your light bulbs 

Good lighting can make a huge difference! If you feel like your light bulbs are harsh or outdated, buy some new ones and update your lighting. Go the eco-friendly route with LED bulbs, or choose ones to make your rooms feel cozier.

10. Update your bathrooms

Summer is a great time to update your bathroom decor! Buy some fresh towels in bright, summer colors. Buy new soap in summertime or beach scents and enjoy your refreshed bathroom!


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