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3 Tips to Enjoy Your Jog

3 Tips to Enjoy Your Jog

Jul 14, 2014

Sure, spinning, yoga, and Pilates classes are fun. They’re fun ways to socialize while you sweat, but between the cost and the time commitment, these fitness classes can put considerable strain on your wallet and your time.

Jogging has always been a free and convenient way to stay in shape, but for many it can be difficult and a bit boring. Here are a few tips to actually enjoy your jog so you can save time and money!

1. Plan your route

Starting your run without a plan can be risky. Your stamina and motivation can be ruined by something as simple as a crowded crosswalk! Research running paths or parks with accessible trails. Consider scenery as well, which can make your jog that much more enjoyable!

2. Sync your soundtrack

According to the U.S. periodical Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, listening to music while you jog increases endurance by 15%. Make a playlist of your favorite upbeat tunes and get going!

3. Grab a buddy

Sometimes you need a little motivation! Bring a friend to challenge you, or to provide some company to make your jog more fun and social.

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