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4 Ways to Spend Your Lunch Break

4 Ways to Spend Your Lunch Break

Jul 28, 2014

Who says your lunch break has to be for lunch? We know your work week can be draining. This break in the day leaves room for more than just scarfing down a sandwich at your desk!

1. Exercise

Physically getting up from your desk can improve productivity (not to mention preserve sanity!) Whether you take a few laps around the parking lot, or take a half hour to run on the treadmill at a nearby gym, you can use your lunch break to improve your wellness and stay active.

2. Plan your weekend

Having something to look forward to can drastically improve your week! Take some time during your break to research fun nightlife or travel options for the upcoming weekend.

3. Run some errands

Is your to-do list getting longer? Cross off some things during your lunch break! Make that dentist appointment, or run to the drug store to pick up some shampoo. Any little errand can make a difference!

4. Just lunch! 

Maybe you’re old fashioned and like to use your lunch break for just that – lunch! Make it interesting. Grab some coworkers and go out to lunch, or see if the office wants to order in something unique.

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