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5 Questions to Ask When Booking a Hotel

5 Questions to Ask When Booking a Hotel

Jul 21, 2014

1. What’s my budget?

The first step in finding the right hotel is to have a clear idea of your budget! Come up with an ideal rate and determine how much wiggle-room you have, and go from there.

2. How many people are coming?

Many hotels allow up to four people per room, depending on bed sizes and room type. If you’re in a group of five or more, you may want to consider getting two rooms or a suite!

3. What area suits my group? 

Depending on where you’re visiting, certain neighborhoods or areas are suited for particular groups based on age or interests. Do some research and try to find hotels in or near the restaurants, sights, and other places your group wants to visit!

4. How will we get around?

Not every city has an accessible public transportation system. If this is the case for your travel destination, make sure your hotel has access to cabs, or that you can park your car for a reasonable price.

5. What amenities are non-negotiable? 

The lack of certain amenities can be a deal-breaker! If you can’t live without WiFi, or can’t stand the thought of not having a breakfast buffet, make sure your hotel has what you’re looking for.

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