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3 Ways to Be Healthy at a Restaurant

3 Ways to Be Healthy at a Restaurant

Aug 11, 2014

Going out to eat doesn’t have to undo your healthy habits. It doesn’t have to be a bland experience either! Keep your experience easy, fun, and health-concious with these tips.

1. “On The Side”

If you order something with dressing or sauce, order it on the side. That way, you have control over how much is used, and how many calories you add!

2. Water… with Lemon

Order a glass of ice water with lemon. This simple zero-calorie drink will hydrate you better than soft drinks or cocktails, and can curb hunger. An added bonus: it also freshens your breath!

3. Sharing is Caring

When it comes to side dishes, share with the group! You can always order more fries if you’re truly hungry, but it’s often too easy to mindlessly eat an entire side yourself.


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