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How to Celebrate the End of Summer Vacation… and a New School Year!

How to Celebrate the End of Summer Vacation… and a New School Year!

Aug 18, 2014

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to the fun, sunny and care-free days of summer when the new school year finally rolls around. Don’t let the school supplies ads get you down! It’s time for you and your family to celebrate your summer AND the beginning of a great new school year. Here are a few ideas:

1. Dinner Time

Plan an end-of-summer outing with your family at your favorite restaurant. Pick a place with a fantastic patio so you can enjoy the warm night.

2. Whip Out Your Label Maker

Make school supplies shopping fun. Organize and personalize those folders, notebooks, and pencil pouches. Stop at your local craft store to get some supplies, order a pizza, and make it a back-to-school party!

3. Camp Out

Squeeze in one last fun summer activity – a back yard camp out. Pitch a tent, get your sleeping bags, and prepare your best scary stories. Don’t forget to stop at your favorite grocery store for s’mores essentials!

4. Drive In

Find the closest drive-in movie theater, pack up your car with blankets and snacks, and enjoy this retro summer staple.

5. Fruity Fun

There are many farms where you can pick your own fresh strawberries, blueberries, and more. Find a local family-friendly place to spend the day filling baskets with delicious fruit. You can even pack some in those first day of school lunches!


Do you have any recommendations for restaurants, drive-ins, or craft stores? Share them on eMazeMe.com by making a “back-to-school” list!

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