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Top 10 Dishes for Cooler Weather

Top 10 Dishes for Cooler Weather

Sep 22, 2014

10. Homemade Soup

Much better than in a can, a hot bowl of homemade soup is a great meal on a chilly day. It also leaves room for improvisation. Feel free to get creative with the ingredients to make the recipe completely your own!

9. Pecan Pie

The first pie selection on this list is pecan. This crunchy option may be slightly less popular than apple or pumpkin pie, but it will be sure to add some warmth and sweetness to the end of any fall meal.

8. Stew

It doesn’t get much easier than stew. Throw some meat, vegetables and basically anything else you want into your slow cooker and just let it cook! Perfect for a Sunday afternoon football game or easy weeknight dinner.

7. Lasagna 

If you’re looking for some cheesy, saucy comfort, look no further than lasagna. This Italian favorite is perfect for those cool nights when the leaves start to change.

6. Apple Pie

What says fall more than apples? Pairing them with cinnamon in a warm apple pie makes for a deliciously quintessential fall desert.

5. Chicken Pot Pie

The best thing about this dish is its versatility. It can be bought in a box as a budget friendly option, or made to be a gourmet main course! No matter how fancy or casual your chicken pot pie is, it’s sure to hit the spot this fall.

4. Pot Roast 

As stew’s heavier cousin, pot roast is another cold weather staple!

3. Pumpkin Pie

As the weather gets cooler and cooler, it’s time to start perfecting that pumpkin pie recipe! After all, there are only so many weeks before November rolls around.

2. Chili 

Whether you eat it with noodles, mashed potatoes, or topped with shredded cheese, chili can add some spice to a cool autumn night.

1. Turkey

Finally, the mother of all fall dishes, the Thanksgiving turkey! Nothing brings family and friends together like this festive bird – not to mention all the delicious sides that come with it!

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