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4 Desk Essentials

4 Desk Essentials

Oct 21, 2014

Forget about the stapler! Here are 4 things you need at your desk for you workday to go by a little more smoothly.

1. Hand Sanitizer

A practicality to fight any colds going around the office. Get a bottle in your favorite scent!

2. Mints/Gum

No one likes that coworker with coffee breath! It’s always good to keep a pack within arm’s reach.

3. Favorite Photo

Over the course of a long workday, it’s nice to look up and find a photo of loved ones, beautiful scenery, or even a poster of your favorite TV show! Think of it as an easy stress reliever.

4. Tissues

Ending the list is another practical suggestion. Tissues can be used for more than just blowing your nose. Use them to clean your computer keyboard and screen, wipe smudged glasses, and more!

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