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How to Make the Perfect Party Playlist

How to Make the Perfect Party Playlist

Nov 16, 2014

Setting the mood for any party or gathering requires a killer playlist, and making that playlist requires more than throwing together a quick list of good songs! Here are some tips to make a party playlist everyone will love.

1. Have the right technology

What technology will you use? Where will this playlist be hosted? There are a number of software downloads that allow you to create playlists accessible on nearly any device. HINT: If all your music is on your phone, remember that you might not want to be without it all night!

2. Find quality speakers

They’re not just for volume (though this is important). Make sure you have speakers that produce a clean, quality sound with just the right amount of bass.

3. Reference your plans

How long is your party? Where is it being held? These are important things to consider in terms of your playlist length, as well as where you should physically position your speakers.

4. Take requests

Don’t be selfish. Consider the crowd and throw in some of their favorites, too. Your guests will definitely notice, and love you for it!


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