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How to Plan Thanksgiving Break

How to Plan Thanksgiving Break

Nov 9, 2014

The holidays are coming up, and so is Thanksgiving break! Whether your kids are coming home from college, or have a few days off from elementary school, these fun family activities are perfect for this brief holiday break.

1. Mark your calendars

Coordinate your schedules. Make sure to set aside times for family dinners, activities, and more!

2. Plan their favorite meals

School, work and other responsibilities can make it hard to find time for your kids’ favorite meals. Use the mini-vacation to cook up something special!

3. Get everyone together

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be the only time to get family and friends together! Plan a casual pre- or post-Thanksgiving shindig and celebrate the most wonderful time of year.

4. Something sweet

Spend a family day baking Thanksgiving desserts, or get a head start on sweets for the holidays coming up. Your home will smell amazing!


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