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How to Make (and Keep!) Your New Year’s Resolution

How to Make (and Keep!) Your New Year’s Resolution

Dec 29, 2014

Sick of making sweeping declarations before December 31 about how you’ll change your life, your diet or your lifestyle; only to throw them out the window one week into the new year? We have a few easy tips that will make your goals and expectations for January – and the rest of the year – a little more realistic.


1. Think big.

This is this easy part. They are those goals you’ve been putting off all year long, including, but not limited to: eating better, exercising, getting more sleep, traveling more, etc. Write those down.

2. Now think small.

You can’t stop there. HOW will you reach those goals, and WHEN? The secret to actually following through is thinking short term. Focus on one week, or one month, and set one small goal to build on to achieve your big resolution.

For example: your big resolution is to eat better. So, for the month of January, you’ll cut out one bad item, and add another! Cut out soda and replace it with water. By the end of the month, you will have started a good, healthy habit that you can build upon.

3. Anticipate mistakes. 

No matter how realistic your resolution is, you will have days where you stumble or completely fall off course. Decide ahead of time that when this happens, you won’t give up. Being able to embrace temporary failure is part of a successful new year’s resolution.


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