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How To Enjoy The Gym

How To Enjoy The Gym

Feb 3, 2015

Let’s face it. Sometimes the very thought of hitting the gym can be excruciating. However, we truly never regret a workout! Here are a few tips to make the whole getting there part a little easier, and actually – dare we say it – enjoyable?

1. Get the gear

They say a great outfit can make you feel great. This idea definitely extends to your workout gear. Even something as simple as matching your running shoes to your tank top can make you excited to strut your stuff at the gym.

2. Plan your reward

Whether it’s a delicious (and hopefully healthy!) meal, or a really good movie, keeping something special on your mind to enjoy after you get your butt to the gym is great motivation. The thought of your special treat can put you in a great mood and get you ready for a good workout.

3. Perfect your playlists

Yes, playlists plural! Make one for pre-workouts to hype you up on the way to the gym. Have another for when you’re actually working out, and one final playlist for when you’re winding down. Make it so good you can’t wait to get going to hear it!

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