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How to Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

How to Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning

Feb 18, 2015

We’re nearing the end of February! Though it may not seem like it, the end of winter is in sight. While you’re still cooped up inside, and before the nice weather finally rolls around, why not get a head start on spring cleaning? We have a few home cleaning jobs you can knock out right now!

1. Window washing

If you’ve had your curtains closed for warmth all winter, you may have neglected your windows for a while. Let in the light and scrub down those windows! It cuts your spring window washing in half, since you’ll just have to touch up the interior.

2. Heavy-duty dusting

Putting in the time to really get rid of the dust in your carpets, on surfaces, and more can make you literally breath better! A quality floor to ceiling dusting can make your home feel fresh after a long winter.

3. Freshening your beds

Flip your mattresses, steam and vacuum them, and maybe even invest in some new sheets. You’ll sleep better knowing you’ve gotten rid of any dust or mites that winter may have brought to your bed.


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