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How to Pick the Perfect Takeout

How to Pick the Perfect Takeout

Feb 24, 2015

Winter may as well be the season of takeout. However, as easy as sounds to order food to bring home and eat, the process of finding the right place can be unexpectedly difficult. That’s why we’ve listed 3 ways to pick the perfect takeout for when you just don’t feel like cooking, but can’t figure out what to order!

1. What do you NOT want to eat?

This is always an easier question to answer than figuring out exactly what you’re craving. Use the process of elimination to find the kind of food you want.

2. Will you pick it up, or have it delivered?

If you want to stay home and have your food brought to you, you’re limited to places that are close, and that have delivery options. These limitations may help you better decide! Otherwise, you can go as far as you want to pick up your food. It all depends on your motivation!

3. Exactly how hungry are you? 

Did you have to skip lunch at work because of that big meeting? You better pick the place with the big, hearty portions! Or maybe you had a big lunch, and are looking for something light. In that case, cross off the comfort food and opt for a healthier option.


Another good way to find the perfect place for takeout? Keep your list of favorite restaurants on emazeMe.com. Next time you can just pick one and go! 

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