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How to Stay Fit as a Family

How to Stay Fit as a Family

Mar 4, 2015

Staying fit and finding time for exercise can be difficult. Something that seems even more impossible? Getting your family in one place long enough to spend some quality time together!

So how do you stay fit and get in some quality family time? Exercise together!

Get Organized

We’re not above making a color-coded calendar. Keeping everyone’s busy schedules in one place makes it easier to find a time that works for everyone! You’ll be able to find the sweet spot, so you know if you can realistically squeeze in that Tuesday night Zumba class, or Saturday afternoon hike.

Get Outside

Nothing says family fitness like getting outside! When the nice weather comes, what better way to spend your weekends than with a hike or bike ride? Take advantage of all the parks, trails and natural beauty your hometown has to offer – and that you may have been overlooking.

Get Creative

Whether it’s a post-dinner yoga session, or a homework break dance party, get creative when it comes to family fitness! Exercising together doesn’t mean you have to break out matching tracksuits and sign up for the next workout class at the gym. (Though if you DO have the time to do this together, more power to you!)


What places and providers help you and your family stay fit? Make a list of your favorite gyms, sporting goods stores and more on emazeMe.com and help other families exercise together!

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