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3 Home Essentials Worth the Splurge

3 Home Essentials Worth the Splurge

Apr 30, 2015

Finding a good deal is the great, but the best deal isn’t always the cheapest. For these three home essentials, investing in quality can pay off huge in the long run!

1. Sofa

You and your family spend a lot of your time on your couch, and it can take a beating. Splurging on a sturdy sofa made with quality materials can be an investment that lasts decades!

2. Lighting

The lighting in your home creates an atmosphere and ambiance that can either say “come in, stay a while”, or “get ready for a nasty headache”. Hiring a professional and splurging on quality bulbs and fixtures will make your home (and YOU!) look amazing.

3. Hardware 

Much like your sofa, you touch them everyday. Also like your sofa, they can take quite a beating. Avoid the headache of constantly replacing loose doorknobs and hinges and invest in better hardware. There are some beautiful options out there!


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