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5 Fruits and Veggies to Eat this Spring

5 Fruits and Veggies to Eat this Spring

Apr 1, 2015

You just can’t beat fresh produce! With the arrival of spring and warmer weather comes a whole new crop of in-season fruits and vegetables. Which ones should you stock up on in April and May?

1. Purple Asparagus 


Purple asparagus is fat free and an excellent source of vitamin C.

Tip: Wrap stalks in wet paper in a plastic bag to keep fresh in the fridge for up to 4 days!

2. Honeydew



Honeydew is completely free of saturated fat and cholesterol, not to mention a great vitamin C source.

Tip: When buying honeydew, pick ones that have a waxy surface, not fuzzy.

3. Butter Lettuce



With its slightly sweet taste, butter lettuce is a great source of vitamin A and is sodium free.

Tip: Store washed and dried butter lettuce in the refrigerator in its original container.

4. Pineapple



Pineapples are fat free, sodium free, and packed with vitamin C.

Tip: Eat your pineapple as soon as possible!

5. Snow Peas


Looking for iron and manganese? Look no further than snow peas!

Tip: When at the store, look for snow peas that are flat and shiny.


For a more complete list of fruits and vegetables that are in season for spring, visit this website: http://www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org/whats-in-season-spring 


Where do you go to find the fresh produce? Share your best finds on your fruits and veggies list on emazeMe

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