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Top 5 Old School Office Supplies You Need on Your Desk

Top 5 Old School Office Supplies You Need on Your Desk

Apr 23, 2015

Though we live in a world where apps, electronics and technological advances make our lives easier, sometimes it’s good to remember the basics. We’ve assembled the top 5 old school office supplies you simply need at your desk!

1. Legal Pads

When you’re tired of clicking away on your tablet or staring at a screen, it can be refreshing to take notes on a legal pad. Plus, a legal pad just seems more professional than a regular old notebook, right?

2. Paper Clips

Even though we’re in the digital age, most of our workspaces aren’t completely paperless yet. A trusty paperclip can be what separates a cluttered desk from an organized workspace.

3. Number 2 Pencils 

This might seem pretty elementary (and by that we mean elementary school) but a cup of sharpened number 2 pencils can make scribbling notes or numbers down while you’re on a call ridiculously effortless – and it beats having to use both hands to type!

4. Highlighters

We’re talking a rainbow assortment! It’s crazy how organized a schedule, agenda or really any printed document can be when it’s color-coded with highlighters.

5. Sticky Notes

The ultimate desk accessory is a stack of sticky notes. They range in size, from small enough to use as ear-marks in a long document, to big enough to take down the lunch orders of everyone in the office. The uses for sticky notes are endless!


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