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3 Tips for Memorial Day Family Fun

3 Tips for Memorial Day Family Fun

May 15, 2015

Memorial Day weekend is full of food, fun and family! We have 3 simple tips to not only make the most out of your day off, but have fun all weekend long.

1. Red, White and Blue

Go all out with your Memorial Day decor. Find some flags for your yard, or buy some festive clothing for any barbecues, parties or events you’re planing to attend.

2. Discover Local Events

Chances are, your area hosts parades or festivals throughout the entire weekend! Find what events are going on in your city or town. Bring the whole family to join in the celebration and honor our armed forces!

3. Plan a trip!

Whether you want to visit family, or take an impromptu trip to a new destination, Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to get in the car and get out of town!


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