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How to Pick a Restaurant Patio

How to Pick a Restaurant Patio

May 7, 2015

Summer is almost here. That means it’s almost patio season!

But not all outdoor eating is created equal. That’s why we put together a few tips to help you pick the perfect restaurant patio.

1. Call Ahead

You might be hard pressed to find patio seating in the spring and summer months. Everyone wants to eat outside! Give yourself some room and call ahead and try to reserve a spot – or to see if the patio is even open.

2. Sun Exposure 

The last thing you want is to try to enjoy your meal or happy hour with the sun in your eyes, or getting sunburn in the process. Do a quick Google search to see what your favorite restaurant’s awning or umbrella situation is. (Though, if you want the sun, an exposed patio may be just the spot you’re looking for!)

3. Location, Location, Location

Where is your favorite restaurant located? Is it on a busy street with cars zooming past? Is it tucked away on a quiet side street? You probably want your patio dining experience to be a relaxing and fun experience, and the physical location will either help or hinder this.


What are your favorite restaurant patios? Make a list on emazeMe and spread the patio love! 

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